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Final Update

by James Moore

We reached milepost 0 in Georgetown at 6:10pm on Sat, Jul 24 completing our trip from Pittsburgh to Washington in five days. Of the 303 miles I had hoped to run, I ran a total of 230 miles. I had to make a realistic adjustment of the miles so as not to be on the trail too late into the night. I wanted to stay out there but instead I listened to my body, Mother Nature and especially my crew. So I left a few miles out there for John Dodds and Alan Gowen.

The Allegheny Passage Trails are gorgeous and the C&O Canal Towpath is still there with all its history to offer.

My crew chief, Carolyn Gernand, was superb with our logistics, making sure I drank, ate and took those damn salt tablets. She also fixed the best cup of noodles in the world. Our son, Terry, accompanied me the last ten miles, which was a real treat for me. He said it was an honor for him. I owe Rebecca big time again for what she has always done to assist me on these adventures. Time to pay up.

An initial thanks to Valerie Meyer for posting updates the last couple of days and to the great one, Mr. Davidson for the wonderful web page he created for me.

I will post a full report of all the fun we had and a total of contributions. Thanks to one and all for the support and contributions - James

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Chronological Updates

12:41 PM, July 24
Carolyn reports that James passed through Swain's Rock at 12:16 PM. He expects to reach Caderock about 1:45 PM.
Submitted by: Valerie Meyer

12:39 PM, July 24
Carolyn reports that James passed through Swain's Rock at 12:16 PM. He expects to reach Caderock about 1:45 PM.
Submitted by: Valerie Meyer

7:36 AM, July 24
Carolyn reports that after a little late start, James is churning out the remaining miles to Mile Marker 0. After a few slower miles to work out the overnight stiffness, he knocked out some 13 minute miles.
Submitted by: Valerie Meyer

20:29 PM, July 23
Carolyn called in from Harper's Ferry sometime during WHILE YOU WERE OUT (after 8 PM). James, Rebecca, and Carolyn are stopped for the night in Harper's Ferry a little after 8 PM. A long hot day ended with a drenching storm. All are soaked through, but with the high humidity, not very cooled off... The beginning of the end of the journey starts tomorrow with an early 5 AM start at White's Ferry. Go James!! Go Lance!! GO Orioles!! Oh, that's hopeless! Go James!! Go Lance!!
Submitted by: Valerie Meyer

6:35 AM, July 23
James left Williamsport, MP 100, at 5:35. Carolyn will run with him for the first part, maybe as far as Dam 4 Road. At that point, James will be on the familiar JFK section of the Canal. (The part used by the JFK 50 miler.) His plans for tomorrow remain the same -- he will start at MP 50 at 4 AM. Running 50 miles today and tomorrow is a little less than planned but still a major feat in the face of the heat and all the miles that proceeded them. Not to mention that he probably got to bed around 11 PM last night and had to wake up around 4 or 4:30 this morning. By the way, if you want help finding the finish point on Saturday, take the link to "Jim's 2002 Run" and scroll down to the section called "the Start." The end this year was the start (and the end) that year. There is even a picture there.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

22:52 PM, July 22
He is in Hancock for the night. Finished the very long day at about 10 am. He sounded pleased but very tired. He will bow to the reality of the long days and do just 50 miles for each of the next two days. The plan for the morning is to start at Williamsport (MP 100) at 5 AM. For those wishing to meet him, he is doing about 15 minute miles at the start of the day and 18 toward the end. He will go to Harpers Ferry Friday night. Current plans are to start at 4 AM on Saturday at MP 50 (Lander Road). That is subject to change. James was heartened to hear that donations have now topped $8,000.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

14:19 PM, July 22
James started from Cumberland, the western terminus of the C & O Canal at 4:40 this morning. Carolyn ran with him for awhile, but then went out shopping for provisions while Rebecca accompanied Jim on her bike. James had made Paw Paw at 12:34. Carolyn was going to go meet them at Little Orleans. She expects another early departure from the motel in Hancock tommorrow. If you want to meet him tomorrow or Friday, check back here later tonight or in the morning.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

21:32 PM, July 21
Spoke to both Carolyn and James. Jim had felt good today, though he had had some digestive problems. The heat, however, really got to him. Consequently, he skipped a few miles in the middle of the day. He ran a total of 33 miles. He was doing about 15 minute mile pace. He will start at 5 AM tomorrow in order to use as much of the cool morning temperatures as possible. He plans the same start time on Friday and a 3 AM start time on Saturday. (This is subject to change. Check back here.) James said that anyone how pledged a donation "per mile" could have a refund.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

9:59 AM, July 21
Carolyn was in Ohiopyle (which is also the start of the Laurel Highlands 70 Miler). Jim had started at 6 AM and was feeling good and moving well. He was expected into Ohiopyle by 10:15. The weather is beautiful now, but they think it will get hot. It probably will get hot, but the predicted high temperature is in the 80s -- far cooler than here in Washington. I told Carolyn to pass on to Jim that he has now raised over $7,500 for Y-ME. That will help him through the day. I updated Carolyn on the second biggest sporting event of the day, le Tour de France.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

21:35 PM, July 20
Carolyn phoned around 9 PM. James had stopped at 8:29 after completing 58 miles. He was in good spirits and was having some "brown Gatoraid" that comes in a bottle. They were going off for pasta and rest before tomorrow. Jim will start at either 6 or 6:30. It will be another long day and the weather will likely be hot. Stay tuned.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

12:49 PM, July 20
Carolyn reports that Jim was in Buena Vista, PA at 11:50. This is about 26 miles into today's run. He was doing fine. He is not quite halfway through the stage. It will be a big help to Jim if he can finish relatively early so he can relax, eat, and get ready for the next day.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

8:47 AM, July 20
Carolyn called at 7:20 to report that Jim had started at 5:30 and had gone eight miles. They are just "following along." I don't expect real frequent updates today as this is like an early stage of the Tour de France -- you just gotta do it, but this is not the real event yet. I do expect a wrap up of the day tonight.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

21:08 PM, July 18
Spoke to James today. He was planning his run with Head Crew Chief, Carolyn. They will leave for Pittsburgh on Monday, scout out Tuesday's downtown start, and then go get some sleep.
Submitted by: Anstr Davidson

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