Running to Fight Breast Cancer (336 Miles)*




We list here those who have pledged to help fight breast cancer in honor of Jim's run. We hope that you will join the folks who have given. To find out how to give and to add your name to this list, just go to the pledge page. If you have questions about the donation process, e-mail Anstr Davidson at

Note: We have automated the process for updating the on-line list of contributors. You can now add yourself to this list. To do so, go to the pledge page.


Donations and Pledges of $9,413 as of September 13

One Kilo Club

Richard and Laurie Ann Schuler

Essential Massage Challenge
$1 Per Mile*

Sponsored by Jeanne Christie and Larry De Hof

Jeanne Christie and Larry De Hof
Judith Duval
Alan and Pam Gowen
Kerry Owens


Chris Scott Club
$200 or over

Mike Broderick
Michael Bur
Dotty Clayton
Anstr and Brenda Davidson
Margie Schlundt and Stan Duobinis
Russ Evans
Gary and Charlotte Knipling
Mike McCumber
Alex and Christine Papadopoulos
Michele Harmon and Mike Priddy
Bunny Runyan
Chris Scott
Bill and Barbara Wandel
Walker and Caroline Williams


$1 to $199

Dallas and Beverley Alkire
Deborah Alkire
Debra Allen
Theresa Baeza
Dawnielle Battle
Leslie Beech-Morris
Patricia Beila
Benjamin Bluestein and Virginia Bell
Maria Bertacchi
Maria Bertacchi
Michelle Brown
Thea Bruce
Susan Bullard
Marge Burley
Tom Bush
Carl and Mary Camp
Jim and Kathleen Cavanaugh
Barry and Isabelle Chewning
Joe Clapper
Ed Conway
Susi Cora
Tom Corris
Michelle Dacanay
Lucia Davidson
Laverne Dawkins
Ed and Rosalie Demoney
From the Trail Donations
Kenneth and Judith Dulabhan
Keith Dunn
Stephen and Christine Epstein
Robert and Arlene Evans
Johnnie and Gwen Farrior
Joyce Fendley
William Fenton
Janet Ferguson
Andrew and Tara Filicicchia
Timothy and Carly Filsoof
Earl and Tarry Garman
Bettye Grier
Christopher and Elaine Hammond
Willistine Harris
Marion Heriot
Marion Hicks
Ed Cacciapaglia and Helen Hipps
Nick Satriano and Masako Hiraga
Quatro Hubbard
John and Margie Hughes
Pinky Jackson
Saundria Jackson
Craig James
Jackie Jenkins
Antonia Johnson
Lou Jones
Ben Jung
Stephen and Violane Leacy

Paulette Leeper
Mary Lewis
Rhonda Lewis
Nancy Lin
Mark Matese
Michael McGoings
Eugene and Shirley McKenzie
Brian McNeill
Leslie Middleton
John Miller
Denise Moore
Dorothy Moore
Kristy Windom and Keith Moore
Lisa Moore
Gregory Moroz
Rhonda Mueller
Robert Mullan
Brooks and Lorraine Neal
Tom and Nora Newton
Terry Ottina
Michael Spatz and Doris Parker
Anne Pastorkovich
Dorothy Perry
Andrea Phillips
Chris and Doreen Quimby
Michael and Anne Rahill
Janice Reilly
Donald and Yvette Rhodes
Joseph and Nita Marie Rizzo
Mila Samonte
Karen Shiley and Evan Sandt
Gwen Savoy
Kevin Sayers
Edward and Michelle Schultze
Sharon Seeley
Dru and Graham Zollman Sexton
Marcela Moglia and Michael Shaul
Elton and Angelene Sherard
David and Rebecca Sheu
Myrna Snider
Sophie Speidel
Mike and Kelly Strzelecki
Bill Sublett
Phyllis Tate
Lisa Brown Taylor
Larry Turner
Bill Turrentine
Linda Wack
Kirstin Walcott
James Filippini and Terry Wetz
T.J. Whipple
Tracy Whittle
Solomon and Linda Williams
Robert Wilmore
Karen Woodard

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